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Bilbao Golf

A small selection of golf courses is available in the Bilbao area, with a number being situated in and around the nearby city of San Sebastian.

Although not a major golf destination, Bilbao offers some interesting facilities also for golf. The Bilbao area has three main golf courses which are suitable for all levels of players. All of them are surrounded by spectacular scenery and offer excellent club facilities. Thanks to the pleasant weather of the region, courses are open all year round.

The Club de Campo Laukariz is an 18 holes par 72 course, which is a 15 minutes drive from the center of Bilbao. It is a popular course, so reservations are recommended.

The Real Sociadad de Golf de Neguri is located close to Bilbao in the La Galea area, on the northern side of the city. The course is par 72, 18 holes. It is not a difficult course to play and offers some spectacular views with its situation 60 meters above sea-level, with part of it running along the cliff tops overlooking the Cantabrian Sea.

The Meaztegi Golf course is designed by Seve Ballesteros and is an 18 holes par 72 course which is 6 km. long.

The Real San Sebastian Golf Club is within driving distance from Bilbao and is a popular excursion for golfers staying in the city. It is an 18 holes par 71 course with excellent facilities. The golf course lies around 14 km. on the northeastern side of San Sebastian, in the Jaizubia Valley.

The Real Zarauz Golf Club stands around 22 km. to the west of San Sebastian, 80 km. from Bilbao, and offers 9 holes.

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