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Malaga has many restaurants from the various regions of Spain, as well as a wide range of international restaurants.

Along the coast towards east of Malaga, there are dozens of restaurants and beach restaurants (chiringuitos), some are very basic and quite inexpensive, but with a lot of atmosphere, since the locals tend to visit these restaurants.

One of the most famous is El Tintero, where there is no menu, the chefs prepare different dishes that the waiter carries while they sing out what the dish is, and on your signal leave a plate at your table. The different shape of the plates informs you of the price of the dish. At the end of the meal the waiter prepare your bill by counting the number of plates in the various shapes on your table.

Malaga has many kinds of restaurants, from the various regions of Spain, as well as a wide range of international restaurants. Also there are restaurants in most price levels and quality.

The Malaga wine, which is the local wine, is sweet, and does not go well with food, but as a drink on its own it can be quite pleasant. If you want red wine (vino tinto) with your meal, wines from Rioja or Ribera del Duero can be good choices.

The most typical thing to eat in Malaga is espetos, sardines in a stick grilled over a fire, and pescaito frito, with are all types of deep fried fish, from bocarones (anchovies) to calamares (squid). Other popular dishes are Gazpacho Andaluz (a cold spicy tomato soup), Paella Marisco (paella with fish and seafood) and Jamon which is aged, smoked ham.

Like the rest of Spain people eat rather late. Lunch would normally be between 2:30pm and 4pm, dinner from around 9pm and until midnight. Most Spanish people will not start dinner until 10pm, and in the summer it would often be later.

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