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There are many things to see in Zaragoza, among them the Cathedral of San Salvador, a magnificent church built over the main mosque.

Zaragoza is situated on the river Ebro, Spain's most water-bearing river, in a valley with a variety of landscapes, ranging from desert to thick forest, meadows and mountains. The population of Zaragoza is nearly 700,000, ranking it fifth in Spain. The population of the metropolitan area is almost 800,000 inhabitants. Zaragoza has always benefited from a strategic location, being in the middle of crossroads between Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia.


Zaragoza is one of the great monumental towns in Spain. It was founded some 2000 years ago, and Old-Iberians, Romans, Goths and Arabians equally left their heritage. Zaragoza as well includes important buildings of Spanish baroque. There are many things to see in Zaragoza, among them the Cathedral of San Salvador, a magnificent church built over the main mosque, partially preserved, and with Romanesque apses from 12th century. The churches of San Pablo, Santa María Magdalena and San Gil were built in 14th century, but the towers are old minarets dating from 11th century.

The old town is where the greatest number of important monuments and buildings are found. Among the places to visit in the old town is the huge Plaza del Pilar, where the famous Basilica del Pilar stands. The old town is a very lively area, full of shops of every kind, narrow streets, squares and pleasant corners, with many tapas bars with tables outside and a busy nightlife.

To the west of the old town is an extensive Moorish castle or palace called the Aljafería, the most important Moorish buildings in northern Spain. The Aragonese parliament currently sits in the building.

Zaragoza is not only home to culture, it is also well known for its impressive cuisine, thanks to a long culinary tradition which fuses together traditional and modern tendencies. The city has a large number of restaurants, cafés and bars, and you can get food from any part of the world, but make sure you try some specifically real Spanish food from the region.

Zaragoza Airport is located 10 kilometers from the city center. In March 2008 a new terminal building was finished. Their are many different air carriers that service Zaragoza, with direct flights to many major cities in Europe. The airport is also used by charter flights. There are frequent daily domestic flights to many Spanish destinations, among these Madrid and Barcelona.



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